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Our goal is to create and publish software of all kinds. Vertagon builds software projects in areas ranging from screensavers to full web applications. While our goal is to solve important problems, we also don’t mind having some fun. Some of our creations are less practical than others.


This site is used as a collection point of all relevant Vertagon projects and can be navigated like any typically blog site. It contains posts about new projects, ideas, and news events within the Vertagon community. Posts can be filtered by tags, groups, or search words. Primary information about Vertagon in general can be located via the navigation tabs above.

Recent Posts


Color previews for Atom Editor

Features Chromo makes working with colors easier by adding color previews to the gutter. This gutter can be toggled on or off. Chromo will pick up color names and codes from all types of files and text (for this reason it may sometimes pick up colors in places you didn’t expect).

Aqua Jump

Aqua Jump is a fun, free, and wildly addictive android game where you must jump from platform to platform without falling. Your score and placed on a leaderboard with players around the world.


Clear away web junk

C-Strip is a free chrome extension that helps clear away certain aspects of CSS Styling on webpages. Installation C-Strip can be installed on the Chrome Web Store for free: C-Strip


Make the Web More Readable

Read-ify is a free Chrome browser extension that makes text on pages easier to read with the click of a button. For a demonstration on how to operate the basic features of Read-ify, you can watch the tuturial video on YouTube: Using Read-ify